>Bullet Proof Vest? No Problem.


The title of this blog piece was the initial caption I placed on a photo I took today with my cell phone. 
Today I took a break and headed to the pistol range.  I go to the range many times each week.  The indoor range is a bit over 5 minutes from my house and less than 10 minutes from the shop.  It is pretty easy to stay proficient when you can shoot every day.  I have even been known to shoot more than once in a given day.
When I am not shooting pistols I love to shoot sporting clays with a shotgun.  When I feel like being very technical I shoot long range with a rifle.
The shot above is what started a discussion on facebook.  Bullet Proof Vest?  No Problem – was my caption.  This was shot at The Firing Line in Burbank on 4/12/11 with a Ruger Mk. II bull barrel target pistol.

I suppose my view on shooting is that one well placed shot is useful.  I have been shooting since I was a pre-teen, shot in military school, the military and with the L.A. Sheriff Department.

I love the craftsmanship of high end firearms.  The double rifles from Europe.  I also am drawn to the magic of a great functional design.  Look at the Model 1911 pistol as an example.  How many things that were designed 100 years ago (this year) work so very well still today? 
I am a shooting enthusiast.
As I was checking my email this evening there was a news story on television.  It seems that here in California they are trying to remove the law which allows the open carry of a weapon in public.  Well, I have my own thoughts on this and I posted them on facebook but will also post my thought and what I wrote here.
Bullet proof vest? No problem.  The link is to the model of pistol I used today in the target photo at the top of this post.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruger_MK_II – if it works for the Navy SEALs it will probably work for me 🙂

Recently there has been news about the open carry law being tossed out so folks could no longer open carry unloaded guns.
Perhaps this is a freedom issue for some, and I am a shooter myself but ….
I see no reason to carry an unloaded weapon in public. It does little more than make people uncomfortable. It can be reported as disturbing the peace. Doing this sort of thing can cause law enforcement to be redirected to this perceived threat which is a waste of a valuable resource.
Your rights under the 2nd amendment? I feel that too many people quote this and do not actually understand what is said here and what the intention was at the time.
I feel that responsible gun owners do not walk around in public with a gun strapped to their side to make a point. The only point they are making to me is the point of them exercising very poor judgement and making others, including children, uncomfortable. You are setting a very bad example that has little to do with freedom and paints a strong picture of being inconsiderate of others.
If you want to assure your freedom there are more effective ways to do that and not too many ways I can think of which are less effective to making the point.
Until the right to own a firearm is taken away I will continue to shoot my own firearms and teach others to do so safely. As long as people continue to try to make their point by carrying unloaded weapons in public places I will expect the right to own weapons to be taken away more quickly than it may have been if people acted with common sense.

I find it very interesting that a century separate the design of this pistol, the 1911A1 and the laser sight mounted on it’s rail.  The two operate in concert as if they were designed at the same time.
The TLR-2 sighting system mounts in seconds to the XD 45 as easily as it mounts to the 1911A1.  At the time I wrote this blog post I have been shooting the 1911A1 with and without the TLR-2 and now shoot the XD 45 with iron sights exclusively.
I captioned this shot, “Sometimes things in life come apart.”  Actually, this was after a shooting session when I was cleaning this Springfield Armory XD in 45ACP.  This is the latest development in polymer framed side arms.  XD stands for eXtreme duty.  This pistol was developed in Croatia and was known as the HS-2000.
The Ruger Mk II.  This is a classic and very accurate.  The target at the top of this blog post was shot today on 4/12/11 with this pistol.
When I want to be more cerebral, more technical and less instinctive I shoot long range challenges
If I feel like being very instinctive shooting at moving targets (clays) that never do the same thing two times in a row.  If you want more info on this great sport head to http://www.moorenmoore.com/ for more info
This is my son’s Beretta AL391 autoloader.  Quite tricked out
And here are a few pieces of art from various sources.  The double rifles cost more than some homes in various parts of the country
I took this last shot at an event at Moore N Moore in the past.
A bit of an update in two shots from a day later than the above post, these were from 4/13/11. 
45 ACP with a Croatian (Springfield Armory imported) XD 45.  I find this pistol very simple and about as functional as things get.  It is robust, reliable and has not had a single misfeed or cycle problem.  I now have the TLR2 laser sight on the 1911A1 and shoot stock iron sights on the XD.
And again, 10 more 45ACP.  I have no idea what happened on that 8:00 shot on the ring at the edge of the headshot.  Normally I know what I did wrong as soon as things go “bang”.  On that shot I have no clue 😦
The two targets directly above were shot on 4/13/11 with the XD 45 in the photo below at The Firing Line in Burbank CA.

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