>Guess Who’s Coming to Town (to Screw Up Our Traffic!)?

>Guess Who’s Coming to Town (to Screw Up Our Traffic!)?: LAist

The other day I posted the link above on my facebook page.  I was concerned with the traffic and tried to stay out of the politics.
Here are a few of the comments and dialogue from my facebook wall.
My first comment which I posted with the link:  Remember his last L.A. visit? Stopped folks for HOURS and gas was half the cost that it is today. The traffic, the delays, the idiot folks that planned this and after utter chaos finally used a helicopter at the end of the debocle.
I added:  If his idiot staff does not use a helicopter (plenty of places to land on a movie lot) and asks for ANY street closures in a city which already has record breaking traffic issues, I will start my own campaign against the man in the next election. If he repeats his mistakes it means he either does not learn from past mistakes, does not care how he impacts millions of people or has no control over his staff in how they plan these things.

Then the other comments started coming in ….

Yep! I wish it was only traffic he made mistakes on!
Tuesday at 7:00pm

I believe the guy doesn’t have a clue.
Tuesday at 8:29pm

I believe Doug is correct! Myles, let me know when you want to start your campaign!
Tuesday at 11:21pm

by Myles Rose Lance – if he stops the city in it’s tracks again I will be posting on the fact. It will be posted here, twitter, blogger, stumble upon, digg and about 75 other places.
Yesterday at 10:03am

Obama does like to play the game “Clue” Doug… Heck can you blame him board games are boring!
23 hours ago

Obama playes Clue, too bad he doen’t have one!
23 hours ago

And to think that all I started was a warning about traffic ….

I am not getting into the political fray, I was only talking traffic but … Here we are only four months into Republican control of the House of Representatives and the government is shutting down. Take a look at this story, one side of the issue – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-johnson/republican-shutdown-shuts_b_845889.html

21 hours ago

Sorry Myles. Didn’t mean to make it political. I knew you meant traffic. There is just a LITTLE of that in LA isn’t there πŸ™‚
21 hours ago

The Huffpost piece just shows us that it is business as usual in Washington. The rep. are doing the same thing the dems did with health care.
21 hours ago

Myles Rose Doug – no apology necessary … and if folks want to make this political that is fine with me. One aspect of America that is still left intact inspite of the economy IS free speech πŸ™‚
21 hours ago

Huffington Post… oh there is a unbiased new source! LOL!!
9 hours ago

Just as unbiased as Fox news!!
5 hours ago

Yep Carol, pretty much the same, and that’s ok
5 hours ago

He makes Hillary and Gates face the music with those he offends while he golfs, vacation, and campaigns. He really doesn’t like to his job. He likes to campaign! Remember this in Nov, 2012!
4 hours ago

We sure will Tim!
4 hours ago

Shut r down! Time to send him packin along with all the czars and Michelle’s 17 servants!
37 minutes ago

Right on Steven!
35 minutes ago

Myles Rose:  Steven – what do you expect Government employees who have home mortgages, car payments, need to feed their kids …. to do when they get no paycheck? Expecting a tax return? Not if they stop processing paper tax forms?
You think Michelle… Obama had more “servants” than other first ladies of the White House?
Thinking that shutting down the government is a stupid knee jerk reaction where the view of some is so narrow it is beyond my comprehension. It took a long time for our country to get into this mess. It will take even longer to climb out of the muck. Unfortunately our multi party system seems to spend most of its effort blocking action in ANY direction and throwing up roadblocks regardless of the proposed action. It took years to send jobs overseas. It was not all our government, it was American workers expecting to be paid big money to do little work. We used to build the finest airplanes, computers, cars, appliances on the planet. Not any more. American companies outsourced the work not the government. It was greed and profit than cause other countries to be able to produce a better item for less money. Now we have raging unemployment and the tax base has been drastically reduced.
Big business pays little if any tax. The most wealthy segment of the population pay less in taxes. We send troops overseas and maintain a very costly military machine in many locations on the planet. And folks think things are going to get better? Really? By magic? By shutting down the government and sending home government employees that are not at the top of the economic engine but who are consumers who will stop spending, not have income for gasoline, food, clothes or rent.
This is much more than a political issue. This is an issue of people in positions of running our country who accomplish little more than bickering and pointing fingers at others.

Don’t look now. Unless things change in a big way the only thing that will look better is the Dow Jones and that only helps the smallest segment of our population. The rest of the country will have to sit back and watch their quality of life decline as they read stories and watch news items where one party continues to blame the other.
Shame on the leaders of America. If you make over $250,000 per year you have no clue as to what the other 99.95% of Americans face every day.
And to think this started with me being concerned about traffic πŸ™‚

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One Response to >Guess Who’s Coming to Town (to Screw Up Our Traffic!)?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >I guess I expect them to do the same thing I would do if my plant closed or I found myself out of a job, or was laid off. Why is it that they don't know what to do?

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